What To Do When Disaster Strikes

flash-1455285_1920Human caused disasters and natural disasters occur in every state. The East Coasty has flooding and hurricanes, California has earthquakes and wild fires, Colorado has flooding and wildfires, the Northeast has winter storms and high winds, and the Midwest has flooding and tornados. Both the State and Federal government have learned a lot about hurricane planning, forecasting, emergency management and response, and have made many recommendations.  Here are some basic emergency preparedness suggestions to include in your planning process.

  • Create a family communication plan for children and adults to have. Put copies in children’s backpack and in your wallet or purse.
  • Flood insurance is not covered under your homeowner’s policy. While hurricanes are generally covered, if a flood ensues later, it may not be covered. You will need a separate flood policy.
  • Install hurricane shutters.
  • Prune all trees around your home.
  • Keep a mobile emergency kit in your car.
  • Monitor radio and local TV stations for evacuation orders. Act without delay to avoid traffic.
  • Assemble/replenish disaster supplies kit: FEMA recommends three days of food and water for each member of the household, including pets. You can assemble a kit yourself, or purchase a pre-assembled kit online or from many local stores. Store items in your household designated safe location.
  • Discuss with your family the safe locations for shelter in the places you are likely to spend time: home, school, work, place of worship, etc.
  • Find out your vulnerability to flooding, wind, and storm surges, and whether you live in a mandatory evacuation zone. Visit the FloodSmart.gov website to see updated flood maps.

Amberg Insurance Center, Inc. was established in 1974 to serve the growing insurance needs of the many businesses and individuals located in the Charlotte and surrounding counties. We take pride in the quality service provided to our customers, our community concern, and our commitment to the overall development of our employees.

Amberg Insurance has been voted First Place for Best Insurance Agency and Best Agent by the Charlotte Sun Newspaper and First Place for ‘Harbor’s Hottest’ Insurance Agency by Harbor Style Magazine.

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