Are You Prepared For The Next Flood? Part One

storm-426789_1920Historic storms in the Gulf of Mexico, such as Harvey, Irma and Maria have emphasized the importance of homeowners securing flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). As you are aware, most locations in the City of Punta Gorda require the purchase of flood insurance as a condition of a mortgage. It is our belief; however, that all properties in the City of Punta Gorda and numerous locations in Port Charlotte are susceptible to damage from flood waters and property owners should protect themselves by purchasing flood insurance. Here are some reasons why:

The Flood Insurance Rate Maps do not take into account the vulnerabilities to storm surge. These maps primarily look at rainfall flooding. The City of Punta Gorda is extremely vulnerable to storm surge. In fact, all residents in the City of Punta Gorda live in a storm surge zone. With the City of Punta Gorda having an average elevation of less than 10 Feet, this leaves a majority of our population vulnerable to storm surge even from a minor storm. It is very possible that residents in X Zones (which are not required to have flood insurance) could experience flooding from storm surge that could cause major damage to their home or business, and any contents contained in the structures. Many people living in zones that do not require the purchase of flood insurance have purchased flood insurance for the reason stated above.

Amberg Insurance Center, Inc. was established in 1974 to serve the growing insurance needs of the many businesses and individuals located in the Charlotte and surrounding counties. We take pride in the quality service provided to our customers, our community concern, and our commitment to the overall development of our employees.

Amberg Insurance has been voted First Place for Best Insurance Agency and Best Agent by the Charlotte Sun Newspaper and First Place for ‘Harbor’s Hottest’ Insurance Agency by Harbor Style Magazine.







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