Be Aware of Fraud During Storm Recovery

Deep Flood Water

A Personal Insurance Update

As people are looking for help re-building after the storm, there will be those who will attempt to take advantage of the situation.  If you are recovering from a disaster, here are some things to think about:

Prevent Contractor Scams

  • Call your insurance Company first. They can refer a qualified, licensed professional to mitigate damages.  Many Companies have local vendors or their own remediation Company that will guarantee their work for 2 or more years.  NEVER sign anything without speaking with your Insurance Company.  This could transfer the rights of YOUR insurance policy to the contractor without your involvement.
  • Make sure all contractors are licensed and insured.
  • Check with your insurer to see if the contractor has provided work for them in the past.
  • Never pay in cash.
  • Always ask for a quote in writing.
  • If you must, only pay a small amount up front, but also use a credit card so you can challenge payment if needed.
  • Get referrals and check references.
  • Never sign a blank agreement.
  • Make sure the contractor is licensed.

Insurance Scams

Some people have already received fraudulent computer calls saying their home insurance has been cancelled and they need to make immediate payment by credit card.  Also, be aware of people who say they are adjusters representing your insurance company and you need to pay your deductible now in order to have your claims covered.  Call our office if you have any questions regarding your claims.

Charity Scams

Many scammers are out asking you to donate money to their charity. Make sure you donate to legitimate organizations.  Donate money to charities you know, such as The Red Cross or your local church.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we represent many of the top insurance companies in the country. This means better coverage, and at a competitive price, including life and health insurance.

Amberg Insurance has been voted First Place for Best Insurance Agency and Best Agent by the Charlotte Sun Newspaper and First Place for ‘Harbor’s Hottest’ Insurance Agency by Harbor Style Magazine.



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