Setting The Record Straight Regarding Insurance

A Personal Insurance Update

There are so many ways that some insurance companies confuse buyers that it can be hard for many to discern fact from fiction. Often the complexity of insurance can cause us to create frustration and can lead to uninformed decisions. We want to help you make the insurance purchasing decision as easy as possible buy offer you the best possible combination of insurance coverage, price, and service.

Misconceptions about insurance

  • Online insurance gives you the best deals. Buying online insurance does not save you time, and it can often be more expensive. As an independent agent, we search the market for the best rates and bring them back to you.
  • All insurance companies are the same. Not true, some insurance companies prefer older drivers, while others have great rates on RV’s and motorcycles. Some insurers are better for insuring that hot rod or antique car.
  • Insurance is all about low cost. Sure you can get low-cost insurance, but you may not have the coverage you need when you have a loss. For example, we received a call from an individual that bought insurance online and had an accident. The insurance was cheap, and it was because there was no collision coverage. The individual had to pay $3,000 for the repair of their vehicle. We were able to secure the coverage they needed.

Amberg Insurance Center, Inc. was established in 1974 to serve the growing insurance needs of the many businesses and individuals located in the Charlotte and surrounding counties. We take pride in the quality service provided to our customers, our community concern, and our commitment to the overall development of our employees.

As an Independent Insurance Agency, we represent many of the top insurance companies in the country. This means better coverage, and at a competitive price, including life and health insurance

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