We Offer Coverage For The Real-Estate Industry

A quick guide to landlord and property insurance

Landlords and property managers have many unique risks that only a trained and experienced agent can understand.  The term ‘Landlord’ is broad and can include those who manage rental property, apartments, condominium associations, and commercial property.

We offer both commercial and residential landlord insurance, and you can obtain a policy whether you need to cover a single rented property or a large property portfolio.

Here are the types of commercial insurance we offer

  1. Building Coverage – Allows you to quickly rebuild or repair buildings or other property damaged by fire, theft, natural disasters, or other events.
  2. Business Personal Property Coverage – Covers costs to replace the contents in your building if they are stolen or destroyed by a covered unforeseen event.
  3. Landlord liability – This is an important coverage and it is designed to protect you against claims made by a tenant or visitor for injury or damage caused by your property.
  4. Business Income Coverage – Provides for continued income or lost revenues/rents while the building and its contents are being rebuilt and replaced.
  5. Building Ordinance Coverage – Covers the increased cost to comply with building codes, ordinances, or laws that have changed after your building was originally constructed. For example, under revised building codes you may now be required to install sprinklers which would increase the cost of construction.
  6. Outdoor Signs and Property Coverage – Covers the costs to replace outdoor fences, signs, trees, shrubs, or plants.
  7. Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Covers loss due to failure or breakdown of equipment such as boilers, heating systems, and electrical equipment.

When you purchase business insurance through an independent agent you are working with a licensed professional who specializes in the products and services you need. We have access to many insurance companies and know which ones are designed just for your business. Independent agents are local business owners who employee your neighbors to serve your needs.

Find out how your business can be protected by calling us today for a free business insurance review. Our philosophy is to help you identify and control both your insurance dollars and potential claims.

By having an office in North and South Charlotte County, we can provide convenient and timely service to our clients. We would appreciate having the opportunity to serve as your insurance Agent for your personal and/or business needs.

Amberg Insurance has been voted BEST INSURANCE AGENCY and BEST AGENT by the residents of Charlotte County and Harbor’s Hottest Insurance Agency by Harbor Style Magazine.

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